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Tarpon Springs – Tarpon Landing  
Like it or not (NOT) this morning had to be a work session.  We both worked outside the boat which just felt so dirty to us.  Ron tackled the deck with his trusty bucket and scrub brush while I washed down the cockpit isinglass enclosure.  With warmer temperatures we have decided to pack away the enclosure and enjoy the wide-open cockpit which we haven’t done in months.  

By noon we change into “going ashore clothes” and took off on our bikes across the bridge to the main drag.  First stop Mykonos for what else but a real Tarpon Springs Gyro!

Walking the dock was a must after our larger-than-normal lunch.  One would think that would be a good idea, which it was until our route brought us square in the middle of the bakery section.  Well, no trip to Tarpon springs would be complete without sampling the baklava, so we indulged.  

The docks and boats were decked out for the holidays and we enjoyed our stroll, resisting the gift shops as we passed by the hawkers trying to attract tourist to the sponge diver and dolphin tours.  A two mile ride to the grocery story landed us back on the boat with supplies with time remaining for a lazy afternoon. 

Dinner ashore was simple; Sagataki and Greek Salad for two.  It would take several days for us to get our fill of the wonderful choices of Greek food, but tomorrow we head south again saving ourselves the extra pounds. 




The Crystal River Power Plant lit up the sky all night with its 24/7 operating schedule.
We headed out the channel with the rising sun following the markers over three miles out into the Gulf.  We had planned to turn south then, but the five and six feet charted depths caused us to veer southwest for deeper water. 

We ran the coast ten miles out in 12-15 feet and out of sight of land.  When  Anclote Key was in sight we set our heading more southeasterly toward the entrance of the   Anclote River Channel.  When we reached the channel mid afternoon, the tourist boats were returning their passengers to the docks making it easy to spot the first mark.
There was no mistaking that we were in Tarpon Springs as we followed the river and took in the harbor sights.  It was a beehive of activity with boats of all sizes and purposes. 

Yes, it is a tourist town, but a town with Greek history and generations of traditions and roots. 

It has always amazed me that the families have been able to keep their culture alive and still practice customs from long ago.   




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  1. Happy to see you both safe and sound! What an experience.
    Lakefield says HI.
    Graham and Stephanie.