Saturday, December 8, 2012

Great Loop Stats

This morning we left the Sailing Squadron and returned to our home port , Sara Bay Marina, in north Sarasota Bay. We will be living on the boat for a few weeks since we rented our home during the trip.

  March 4, 2012 – December 7, 2012 Total Days 277    
  Trip Days (Excludes Visits Home) 264  
         Travel Days 142  
         Stay Days for Exploration 101  
        Weather Days (unable to travel) 21  
  Number of Countries Visited 2  
  Number of States Visited 18  
  Miles Traveled 5,812  
  Gallons of Fuel 672 $2,975  
  Number of Nights in Marinas 124 $5,945  
  Number of Nights on Mooring Balls 7  
  Number of Nights at Anchor / Free Docks 133  
  Blog Posts 217  
  Blog Views 15,864  
  Average Total Costs Per Day  $101  

  After the holidays, our goal will be to figure out what retirement means - it will be interesting to discover what the future holds for us.

Tomorrow we will post some of our favorite photos from the trip as a way to wean ourselves off the daily process of uploading/editing photos, writing the log, posting the blog and maintaining spreadsheets that chronicle the trip and expenses. 
Jean and Ron

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  1. Congrats!! We're so pleased you have crossed your wake and arrived home. Our only regret is that we are not there to share it with you. As I think back of the days we spent together cruising the waters of Canada and the US I am filled with great memories,swimming in Canada, following Latitude into shallow anchorages, loaner cars, the "Bronze Fonz", morning music and great meals aboard.
    Soon we will be putting BETTY L up for the winter. I am convinced that my days will be filled with enjoyment on the slopes and evenings spent dreaming of our Great Loop travels, the friends we've made and the cruising days ahead of us.
    We will see you again, on the water, in Florida, or Cape Cod.
    Enjoy your time ashore - We miss you. Bob and Madeline